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  • Two Black Birds

    Teacher: There are two black birds seating on a wall; What's their name, Akpos?
    Akpos: P-Square
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  • Bed Time

    In USA when a couple go to bed, they say "Good Night My Love"

    In UK "Sleep Tight Love"

    In Australia "Sweet Dreams My Love"

    In NIGERIA "Did you lock the Gate, Doors and Windows?"
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  • Poor Akpos

    Wife: If I knew you were this Poor I wouldn't have married you!
    Akpos: What do you think I meant when I said you were the only thing I have in this world?"
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  • Baby Lizard

    Teacher: What is a baby lizard called?
    Akpos: a baby lizard is called lizzybaby.
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  • Yoruba Man Phone Number

    If he is asked his fone numba & u hear “siro hate siro tiri tiri six wan wan tiri fife fife|. That is my HEN T HEN number” . . HE IS A YORUBA MAN!
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  • Suicide Mission

    A Student Called his dad from school and he said
    “Dad the situation at school is very critical if you don't send me money am going to commit suicide ”
    Dad replied: Son the situation at home is also critical suicide approved”
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  • Face Surgery

    I saw Akpos yesterday, he was crying. I asked; What is the matter?.
    He replied; there is a problem. I borrowed Pake 5 million Naira for face surgery. Now, i cannot recognise him.
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  • Late For Work

    Akpos shows up late for work. The boss yells "You should have been here at 8:30!"
    He replies: "Why? What happened at 8:30?"
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  • God's Time

    Akpos, why did you steal the church Clock?
    Akpos Replied; I stole it Because God's time is the best.
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    AMERICAN:Wonderful things happen here in Ghana. How do you that.
    GHANA MAN: What precisely are talking about, Sir?
    AMERICAN: I think i just spotted a monkey driving a Blue Toyota Camry in the parking lot.
    GHANA MAN. That was me my friend
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